Peter Clay’s Background

It started with dry spaghetti.

My name is Peter Clay.

Really it’s Peter Crocker, but since i spent the past two decades working creating pottery I found it to be appropriate to legally change my last name to “Clay”.

When I was in my early teens I wanted to pursue a career in cosmetology. I was very precise with my hands and had great motor skills. My parents said I should become a doctor.

Unfortunately I faint at the sight of a paperclip, and  to me working with anything mechanical is a bore.

Cosmetology wasn’t as great as I had hoped. I worked in a field that employed over 90 percent of females. Despite the fact that I was always surrounded by lovely women, my male friends didn’t back me on my career choice.

And by didn’t back me I mean they gave me hell everyday. Now It wasn’t bad and I always laughed it off, but it did get to me. So how did I make the transition from Cosmo to Pottery?

Well its a funny story really. I was working on my Cosmo degree  at technical institute in Vermont, when some genius forgot to close the lid on our 2 gallon tank of hair gel. Being the only boy in the course, meant i had to take care of all the dirty work.

Everyone had gone home and I was desperately scraping the hair gel out of its container. It was very dry but didn’t crack and had a texture like silly putty. Suddenly I had a strange idea, what if I could mold the strange stick mass into a miniature model of the pentagon!

Instantly I got to work, driven by desire to create and master this self designated challenge.

The next morning I was awoken by my teacher and classmates who looked down at me with curious eyes. I had fallen asleep at a table, on which I had created a giant clay pentagon complete with microscopically accurate detail. It was that day I quit cosmetology, in part because it was very awkward, and also because I had found my passion!

Today, 2 decades and countless strange art pieces later, I am a self taught master in the art of creating pottery. I have made quite a name for myself and attend pottery seminars where I create live pottery for charity. I can make anything from vases to jars to… more vases.

Quickly and Beautifully. I can create custom pieces for you with the material an finish of your choice or you can browse through my large selection of Pottery on the internet.

Unfortunately I cannot display/sell this pottery on my own, because I am under contract and everything I create I immediately sell to a large corporation that i will not name. But when you find an amazing piece of hand made pottery on the internet, chances are high that Its one of mine, and you may have yourself an original Peter Clay.